Feb 2004

My ZX2 - S/R history and Personalcomments:


The ZX2 never had a chanceto make it big. Right from the beginning Ford never publicized the car andespecially the S/R.

I didnít even know the ZX2existed until I saw the car at my local Ford dealership. The sales peopledidnít know anything about the car; I ended up looking it up on the Internetand found ZX2 enthusiast web sites that loved the car. Shortly after I purchasedone in 1998.

The following year I endedup reading info on S/R in the 1999 September issue of Road & Track magazineand was hopping to see the S/R or the Fussion in the 2000 North AmericanInternational Auto Show but sadly it didnít happen not even a stock ZX2.

It wouldnít have hurtsales if Ford had showed it off in the NAIAS. In the late 90ís Fords displaywas the same as a local dealership. It had several stock mustangs, it didníteven have a convertible or anything exciting, it could have had a ZX2 Fussion. Surewe all know that it wouldnít make it to production but would get peoplethinking of what could be done with that car.

Since the R&T article, Ibegan looking to see if the S/R would be available to Canada, and again afterseveral trips to various local Ford dealers including an SVT dealer, no onecould tell me if it would be available. Once they arrived I went back to the dealership and asked totake the ZX2 out for a drive and they were ďwhat? Oh the EscortĒ I askedabout the S/R package and they werenít quite sure what the package had justwhat its in the brochure, totally turning me off. I got a great deal cause forthem it was just an escort.  If Ididnít know about the S/R package I probably would have gone to the used cardealer next door and picked up a civic cause the sales guy would make the car moreexciting. I traded my 1998 ZX2 for a 2000 ZX2 S/R.

I love the car and drive itduring the summer. Iím planning on keeping it for a long time.


Iím the biggest Ford Fan(hence this web site and teamzx2ontario.com), I currently own all in perfectcondition 1992 Mercury Topaz, 1993 Mustng GT Conv and a 2000 ZX2 S/R. My wholeFord experience with the ZX2 S/R and the ZX2 in general wasnít the greatest;the 3 dealerships that sold S/Rís in my area didnít have a clue what theywere selling, I had to do all the research on the car myself, I almost didnítbuy the car because I didnít know what I was getting.

Ford, if you want people tobe excited about your cars maybe you should be exited about your cars first.Sure a display in a auto show gets exposure but make information easilyavailable to the public and sales people even a special brochure in the car withsome info that could have made a big difference. I had to tell the sales guyswhat the car was and had. My attempts in getting ZX2information have been difficult.

Got some info on the S/R? orZX2 in general? Email me.







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