A brief History of the S/R


In 1998 Ford Racing and Ford’s Small Vehicle Center Product Development, working with aftermarket companies unveiled a limited production (100 cars) for 1999 model year - Escort ZX2 S/R (“Street/Racer”) at the SEMA Auto Salon.

The new ZX2 S/R was yellow and equipped with a Roush Racing induction system and Borla muffler to add 10% horsepower and torque over stock. (143 bhp and 150 lb-ft of torque)

Modification included :

Leather shift boot – Sportier Seats -B&M Short throw shifter – Custom gauge cluster - Centerforce Performance Clutch - Visteon PCM - Tokico Struts - Energy Suspension Bushings - Eibach Lowering Spring - Borla exhaust - S/R wheels: 205/55ZR15 Goodyear Eagle F1 - Rear disc brakes. All ZX2 S/R have a special "S/R" badge on the back, and on the sides (doors).

This very limited production car was only delivered to Southern California dealerships.

The following year Ford decided to make it available to the whole north American market but still in limited numbers. Only 2000 produced with minor chances such as Iceman intake instead of Roush, also added black and red to its yellow only lineup.

(1000 yellow – 500 red –500 black) Of these 2000 cars it’s believed that only 35 were made available to Canada.

1999 and 2000 were the only years available with the S/R package. Other ZX2 concepts were built but never seen production, including the Escort ZX2 Fussion producing 230 bhp from its 2.0 Zetec engine and the 2003 ZX-2nr concept.

After the release of the Ford Focus in North America the ZX2 move to the back seat  and so had no major changes and the last ZX2 model year is 2003.

Ford's final S/R 1999 - 2000 limited production count was 2,110 units

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